Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Ok, are you aware of how awesome Zoya is? You must make a free account on and "like" them on Facebook. There polish is amazing. I wish I had every single one. I'm not sure where I'd store it but I'd find a way. ;) It's high quality lacquer without the high price tag. Their customer service has always been a positive experience for me. Now, the reason you need to make an account and "like" them is because they have amazing promos. On Halloween, they gave away free polish! You just had to pay for the shipping. Seriously! The next day, a buy 2 get 2 code came out. In fact, that code B2G2 is still valid. It expires on Nov. 5 I believe.

You will be seeing a lot of Zoya love from me. I have a little collection starting and I can't resist a Zoya sale.

If you're not sure which polish will look good on your skin tone, you can order what they call spoons. They are inexpensive, and the money you spend on the spoons go towards a credit that you can use to order your polish!

I did not get payed for this lil shout out. Zoya doesn't know that I exist but I do love them!


  1. my first zoya's were on Halloween. I can't wait to get them. I'm trying to build a huge polish collection....... on my way to sparkly lil lovin'! lol

  2. Zoya is a great way to start. =)


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