Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 11 - Polka Dots

I wanted to do something fun for today's challenge. I need more practice with my dotting tool so I used a stamp. ;) I didn't want to use the same polka dot stamp I used for one of my Halloween looks so I did something different from your typical polka dot design. I like how this turned out, what do you think?

Inside, no flash.

This is the best my camera can do with it's macro setting. At least I think it is, I need to fiddle around with it more. 

OPI - Steady as She Rose
Zoya -  Snow White
Konad -  Special Polish (White)
Konad Plate M79
Small and medium dotting tool
Rose colored rhinestone
Seche Vite Top Coat
OPI -  Envy Base Coat

Here is a picture of the plate I used:

As you can see, the rose on the bottom left image isn't filled in. I used my smallest dotting tool to fill in the petals with OPI - Steady As She Rose and then added a rhinestone to the center for more interest. I also use my medium sized dotting tool to go over the bigger dots in the same image so it would show up more. It stamped on pretty light and I wanted it to be more bold. The design on the upper left side is completely made up of dots. I use this plate often and have really scratched it up from the metal scraper. I suggest using an old credit card instead to protect the plate which is what I'm going to start doing. You can just cut the card in half (it's easier to use when smaller). 

I hope you liked today's design, thanks for reading!

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