Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 12 - Stripes

I can't believe I finally did a successful (well almost) tape mani! I really really wanted to do a candy corn manicure last month. I ordered my yellow and orange polish and broke out my scotch tape and it was a huge disaster. I kept ripping off my polish from putting the tape on too soon. When the challenge for stripes got close I started to get nervous. I recently read that the trick is to put Seche Vite on after each color and wait for it to dry (of course) before putting down tape for the next layer. I was using a top coat before but not Seche Vite. For those of you who don't know, Seche Vite is a super fast top coat. I love to use it on top of glitter to smooth out the rough texture. I should have known it would make the difference in a tape mani for me. I may have been a little more patient this time too. =) Here is a picture of Seche Vite I got from Google Images.

There are other products from this company including Seche Restore which I highly recommend.  Seche tends to get really thick and stringy when it starts to get low. Putting a few drops of Seche Restore makes it usable again and saves money.

Ok, back to the stripes! 

I really liked how this turned out. The tape lifted a bit on my ring finger and allowed the polish to seep underneath. Make sure to double check that all of the little air bubbles are smoothed out before applying any polish. I could have avoided this mistake easily had I been more careful. 

Supplies used: 
 OPI: Nail Envy (Sensitive & Peeling) for base coat
Color Club: Worth the Risque (light grey) & Revvvolution (dark grey/black)
Seche Vite for Top Coat
Scotch Tape

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh, I know how you feel about those stripes! I hate when the tape peels up my polish. Thankfully, I just got a Poshe topcoat that is amazing, and now I'm so much more excited to paint my nails knowing I won't have to wait all day for my mani to dry. :D


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