Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 19 - Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails is a manicure that looks intimidating but it's surprisingly simple. I enjoyed making this mani for today's challenge. I know it's not the best galaxy nail art out there but it's my first try and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I have some ideas on how to make it better next time which is always what I want to get out of these challenges. Learn and improve right? I watched a tutorial in preparation for this challenge because I wasn't sure how to go about this design. I watched this tutorial from Cute Polish:  I basically followed her instructions step by step. Mine isn't as awesome as hers but I like it!

Here are the pics, supply list will be underneath the last picture. 


OPI Envy - Base Coat
NOPI - Razzle Dazzle for black base color (2 coats)
Zoya - Snow White
China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky
China Glaze - Peachy Keen
Cult Nails - Time Traveler
Small dotting tool for stars (used with Zoya Snow White)
China Glaze - Fairy Dust for top coat (bottle shown in pictures)
Makeup Sponge (wedges) for sponging 

Thanks for reading! 
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  1. It looks really good! Especially for a first try! I have yet to try galaxy nails; maybe one day I'll get up the nerve to try it. :)


  2. Groovy dude! Grace's comment: "Whoooaaaa... those are pretty cool. I like those ones." lol :)

  3. Thanks! I love Grace comments! Her nails need to grow just a little bit more to fit all of those colors. She wants me to stamp her nails but doesn't understand how small her nails are compared to those stamps. I need to find a tiny one for her. =)


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