Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Zoya Nyx

Today I have one of my favorites from Zoya's PixieDust collection. I'm leaving my very favorite for last. Can anyone guess which one is my favorite? It's an easy one for anyone who knows me well. ;) 

Zoya Nyx is gorgeous. It's a periwinkle blue filled with silvery sparkle and sugary texture. 

Without Top Coat
The formula on Nyx was a little bit on the sheer/watery side. Make sure to wipe your brush off before application to avoid flooding your cuticles. I needed three thin coats to make it opaque. Make sure to wait a bit in between coats to avoid dragging. 

Just like the other PixieDust polishes, removal is very easy. I didn't need to use the foil method which is amazing. These seem like they'd be hard to get off but they aren't! 

With Top Coat
Adding two coats of top coat makes it glossy and smooth not to mention extra sparkly. ;)

Love it!!!

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