Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dollish Polish Bazinga!

I recently started watching The Big Bang Theory with my husband (I've seen every episode now). Being a geek, he relates to the characters and gets most of the jokes. I relate to knowing a geek and don't get most of the joke. When Dollish Polish released a collection in honor of The Big Bang Theory I had to have this appropriately named gem, Bazinga! 

Bazinga! has a yellow tinted base and a fabulous mixture of glitter. There are black circles, white rectangles, red squares, black bars, small white squares, neon yellow hexagons in two sizes, and red hexagons. Did I get it all? I had to fish for the white rectangles and black circles but it wasn't too difficult to get them out. 

 I wore two coats of Bazinga! over Cult Nails Nevermore (the perfect black creme) with two coats of Seche Vite top coat on top.

I love the white rectangles and black circles. 

Close up!!

 Bottle close up!!

I purchased this polish on Llarowe

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  1. So do I, Bazinga!! It's just fun to say. =)

  2. Not a fan of the show but this looks cool!


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