Friday, March 30, 2012

Nails Inc. Magnetic Attractions Kit

Today I'm going to review three magnetic polishes by Nails Inc. I got it from Sephora in a kit titled Magnetic Attractions. The kit has three magnetic polishes; Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, and Houses of Parliament. Only Trafalgar Square had a magnetic lid attached, the other two just had regular lids. The magnet creates a wavy design much like the design the Color Club magnetic polish I tried has. The formulas were good but inconsistent with how many coats were needed. I'll specify how many coats were needed in each picture. 

Houses of Parliament - 2 coats 
Houses of Parliaments looks pretty close to China Glaze Instant Chemistry. It's a little lighter but the formula is much much better than Instant Chemistry so if you want a magnetic polish in this shade, I'd choose this one. 

Trafalgar Square - 3 coats
This is one of my favorite magnetic polishes out of all of the brands I tried next to China Glaze Cling On. I love gunmetal polishes and the black contrast the magnet makes brings the contrast and depth I'm looking for in a magnetic polish. Love this one, highly recommend it. I suggest grabbing this one solo and ditching the other two. Just my opinion! ;)

Whitehall - 1 coat
Love this gorgeous teal, fairly satisfied with the effect, completely annoyed with the Smurf fingers! I dig this polish but the knowledge of the Smurfiness this will leave deters me from ever putting it on again. Don't mind the staining? Slap on an extra layer of base coat and give it a try. It sure is pretty. Oh, the formula was the best out of the three but the effect was a little weak.

The price of the kit makes each polish less expensive but only buying one (Trafalgar Square) is even cheaper. Just saying! Have you tried any of these? What did you think?

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