Tuesday, March 6, 2012

China Glaze - Hunger Games (Capital Colors) Riveting

District 3 (Technology): Riveting

Riveting is one of my favorites from this collection. Bright colors (especially oranges) don't look good on me at all but with Riveting, I don't really care. It's that amazing. It's a bright orange jelly packed full of shimmer. It flashes a hint of gold at certain angles making it look like fire. I wonder if it was based off of the cape of fire Katniss wore before China Glaze changed the names to reflect each district. Riveting went on smoothly and only needed two coats. I could have gotten away with one but as always, I slapped on two for good measure. I couldn't stop looking at my nails when I put this on. It's amazing, want to see for yourself? Luxe & Lush (District 1) is on my ring finger. 

 Just for kicks, I put on Essie Shine of the times on my index finger, China Glaze Electrify (from this collection) on my middle finger, and Finger Paints Twisted on my pinky. Shine of the Times was visible and pretty but it overpowered the beauty of Riveting at times. It looked awesome in some angles but weird in others. I thought Electrify was nice but again you could barely see Riveting underneath. I could barely see Twisted at all, it seemed to drown on top of Riveting's bright shimmer.  I am just going to stick with Luxe and Lush, I think it looks amazing combined with Riveting. Again, it makes me think of Katniss' cape, I'm pretty sure this is what I'll wear to the movie (if I go). 

Hmm, I really like how Shine of the Times (index finger) looks with Riveting in the above picture. What do you think, what's your favorite combo? I can't wait to put this back on, it's amazing. 

Thanks for reading! 

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