Sunday, April 1, 2012

Icing Magnetix

My good friend has been raving about Icing's Magnetix Polishes for a while. The mall with Icing was out of the way for me so I took my sweet time getting over there to check them out. I'm glad she talked me into trying them because they are pretty nice! In comparison to the other magnetics I tried, this was pretty amazing. I tried the green magnetic polish (I couldn't find a name on the bottle). So boring to just call it green! I always enjoy a good (or bad) polish name. I have many a polish that were purchased because of the name. Lame reason to buy a nail polish but I promise, I have to actually like the polish in order to buy it too. Anywhoo, I digress, let's see Icing Green Magnetic Polish. lol

Isn't it pretty?? Poor baby needs a proper name. I really loved this one. The application was pretty good. I only needed two coats and I didn't have staining when I took it off! Hallelujah! I really loved the strength of the magnet on this one. You can turn it two ways to create a different look. I prefer the diagonal lines. The other design is a wavy line that goes down your nail. The only complaint I have is that the magnet is inside the lid. It's not on a cap that you can pull off of the actual lid. Not a big deal, just a preference for me. 

I don't know how consistent Icing's Magnetix polishes are because I just grabbed this one. Have you tried any other color from this line? How did you like it?

That's it for magnetic polishes! Did you like having a week long sampling of the different magnetic polishes out there? I know that there are many other brands that carry these but my wallet was getting pretty thin and I had to stop myself here. =)

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  1. oooooh this color is awesome!!!
    I only tried Clair's Magnetix and so far my impression is ... yeah... ok. I didn't fall off my chair yet.
    But then... I'm not crazy about the colors so....

    The color you're showing seems real nice. I gotta give it a try soon!

  2. Thanks! I think all brands are hit and miss with their magnetics. I love this green from Icing but I'm sure they have duds too. =)

  3. Fun! I had no idea there was even magnetic nail polishes. They are pretty cool looking! :)


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