Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Magnetic Force by Color Club: Electro-Midnight

Welcome to the 2nd day of Magnetic Polish Week! Today I bring you Electro-Midnight from Color Club which is a dark cornflower blue. The design brought out by the magnet is a darker shade of blue, nothing special. There is a shimmer that is typical of magnetic polishes. Application was a pain, I only needed one coat but it got goopy quick. As long as you apply fast, that won't cause a problem. The magnet is on the lid of this polish and creates a wavy design. I found the magnet to be pretty weak and disappointing. It was pretty hard to get the blue off of my fingers and skin, I was a bit Smurfy after removal. I love blue polishes but I hate the Smurf effect many of them leave behind. It looks neat in the pictures but the formula and Smurf fingers turned me off to this as you can tell. =)

With the color not being anything mind blowing and the magnet being weak, I recommend passing on this one. If you want a blue magnetic polish, I suggest snagging China Glaze Pull Me Close. I had high hopes for this one as I have really liked all of the Color Club polishes I have tried so far. Oh well, you can't win them all right? I'll still be purchasing from Color Club just not from their Magnetic Force line. 

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