Tuesday, March 27, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix Collection

I have been working on this for a while now. Sorry it's taken so long to post again. I had a rough week but I'm slowly getting back to "my normal". For my new readers, I suffer from Chronic Pain due to genetic issues in my spine. If I disappear for a few days, it just means I'm having more pain than usual. I'll always be back but it will unfortunately happen now and then. Boo on broken backs!!! I do have a lot to show you (so many pretties!!!!), hopefully I can catch up soon!! Ack!!

I want to show you a few different brands of magnetic polish. They are the new popular polish gimmick right now. It feels very much like a fad that will go away by the end of the year but who knows, I may be wrong! In the meantime, It's a lot of fun but I wish the magnets worked with all of the polishes consistently. Number one complaint from me regarding magnetics and it's a big complaint.

Today, I'm going to show you the new (kind of) China Glaze Magnetix collection. I hit transdesign.com and snagged the whole collection. I also got the magnet on Amazon for a few dollars. I saved a lot of money that way, something to consider if you want to purchase these. 

I did not think I'd be into this as much as I am but I freaking love it. I mean, really love it. I love watching the design form, I'm easily amused I guess. ;p

The formula is really inconsistent in this collection. The directions say to put on one coat and use the magnet. For some, that works well but a couple needed two coats to prevent bald spots from happening when the magnetic particles moved to create the design. I'll specify how many coats were needed, etc. under each picture.  

China Glaze Attraction is a pretty gunmetal that has a black design creating a pretty edgy look. If only it reacted better with the magnet. *sigh* The star is so so very sad. I tried the star a few times and it was just no bueno. There are better magnetic polishes in this color (Nails Inc.) out there that work better with the magnet so this is a pass for me. One coat for this one. 

China Glaze Cling On is a really cool olive green with a little bit of gold shimmer. I love the contrast the magnet creates with the greens. This is my favorite of the collection. It went on thinly and needed a second coat. I accidentally put the stars off center and ended up liking it better that way. It looked a lot better in person, I promise. If you don't like how a design turns out, wait for it to dry, put on another coat and try again. If it gets too thick, just take it off and start over. Cling On is a must have in my opinion! 

China Glaze Drawn to You is a light plum polish that is really quite flattering. The magnet pulls out a darker purple that creates a slightly softer look for a magnetic polish. I wish the design created a deeper contrast, it was just too weak for my liking. The stars looked slightly better in person but it was hard to tell what they were. I love the color but this is a pass for me! Two coats needed. 

China Glaze Instant Chemistry is a deep plum shade and was the hardest to work with.  #*&(Q*@ Sorry, ahem! 
The formula was too thick and the magnetic particles were too close in color to the polish. It didn't create enough of a contrast to see if the magnet did it's job. I tried this three times. So frustrating!!!!
 I recommend passing on this one. One coat in pictures. 

China Glaze Pull me Close is a nice cornflower blue that has a navy (I think) design with the magnet. The contrast is really pretty and it reacted well to the magnet. I need to practice those stars! I believe this was two coats but I don't remember on this one. Pretty sure it was two....eeep! This is a keeper for me!

China Glaze You Move Me is a gold/light green mix that is just beautiful. I thought it was one of those pretty/ugly shades in the bottle but when I put it on I really loved it. It's a really close second to Cling On. Really close....maybe a tie? Hmmm...
 This reacted to the magnet the best out of all the other polishes. I love the contrast in the design and the stars actually turned out in this one. *claps* Those stars were killin me. For the love...

A few notes about these polishes: 

Wait a while before putting on a top coat. If it's not dry, the polish will drag over the design ruining the effect.

The magnetic particles settle back down after removing the magnet making the design less dramatic.

Directions say to hold magnet over nail for 10 seconds. I like 15-20. Maybe I count faster....test it out and see what works for you. Again, it settles back together a little so maybe the extra time doesn't help as much as I think.

Don't hold the magnet too close to the nail. The magnet will pull the polish to itself creating a smudge. It's cool to watch but the aftermath....not so much.  

Do one nail at a time. If you don't use the magnet immediately it won't work.

I hope you enjoyed this massive post! I have more magnetics coming soon, stay tuned!  

Thanks for reading!! 



  1. Wow! Those are really cool. I've never seen that kind of nail polish before. :)

  2. Magnetic polishes are fairly new to the U.S. They are fun to play with. I can bring some over for you to play with if you'd like!


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