Thursday, March 8, 2012

China Glaze - Hunger Games (Capital Colors) Electrify

I finally got the pictures of Electrify taken so I thought I'd get this post up today. I know, two posts in one day...who am I?!?! =)

District 5 (Power): Electrify
Electrify is a red and gold glitter. The glitter is small and round and seem to be the same size. There may be a little bit more gold than red but it looks pretty equal. I needed three coats to get even and complete coverage. The formula was great and applied without any problems. It would be just as pretty to use a base color under this. This is a very flashy, bright, and fun polish. I'm a little sad to take it off but I need to finish my swatches!

The sun finally came out today so I was able to get some pictures outside!


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