Thursday, August 30, 2012

OPI Sand On Your Feet

This is also from the Ulta exclusive OPI shades from this summer. I've been looking for a nice gold polish that had a lot of sparkle. I loved this gold as soon as I saw it. I like the way it looks on my skin tone which is great because I have a tough time with gold. I haven't tried stamping with it but it seems too thin to work well for that. When I try it, I'll let you know how it works. 

As I said, the formula is on the thin side. It's very easy to work with and you only need two coats for full coverage. You may want to use a ridge filler base coat, this baby shows everything. 

 You can see my acrylic line on my index finger in the picture above. I had to really play with the lighting and angles of my hand to get a picture that didn't look like this:

Which is why I only have two pictures in this post. The first picture was as good as it got. I apologize for the hideous lines. I think they will be completely grown out in another two weeks. These pictures are about two weeks old. 

Despite it showing everything like a bad pair of khakis, I really like this polish. I love how the gold is a little....subdued? It's not as bold and yellow as the other golds I've seen. I think that's why it works better for my coloring. 

Well, what do you guys think? Let me know if this is a dupe of anything. I didn't have anything too similar to this in my stash. =)

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