Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guest Post from Pointless Cafe - Orly Preamp

I am so excited that Sheila from Pointless Cafe  agreed to be a guest on my little blog. If you haven't checked out her blog, you must. You can find her at you will love her! I'm still recovering from my surgery yesterday but should be back soon! Have a great day!

I was thrilled when Pamper with Polish asked me to do a guest post for her! Naturally I jumped at the chance! So today I’ll be showing you Orly Preamp from Orly’s new Electronica Collection. My normal readers know pink isn’t really one of my favorite colors, but this one blew me away. Way to go Orly!
Preamp is a great cool-toned bubblegum pink loaded with tons of shimmer that looks hot pink and gold depending on how the light catches it. It really gives the polish a unique depth and glow and totally changes it from just pink to WOW! I think this one, because of the shimmer, will look great on both warm and cool skin tones.
Application was good. Formula was a bit on the thin side so the trick is to do very thin coats to avoid pooling. But even with that, I only needed two coats for opacity.

So what do you think? Even if you’re not a “pink person” I think this one is a must have.
Thanks to Mira for letting me do a guest post for you – I enjoyed it! ♥


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