Sunday, August 12, 2012

China Glaze I'm Not Lion - Picture Heavy

 As I stare back and forth from the blinking curser and the amazing... here I am again searching for an adjective that sums up the beauty that is I'm Not Lion. I'm at a loss. Tongue/finger tied if you will. It will take your breath away, distract you from whatever task is at hand, and make you cry when it's time to take it off. This is what sand in Fairy Land looks like. Tiny granules of golden glitter mixed heavily with holographic glitter that you must see in real life to appreciate. It's amazing and my absolute favorite from the On Safari collection. 

 The lighting inside gives it a cooler appearance and of course the holo glitter is more subdued. 

In the sun, the color warms and the holographic glitter attempts to blind everyone in a small radius. 

 By the way, the formula was flawless. I used three coats to get complete coverage. It self leveled well and the glitter being so dense didn't require anything special for application. 

 Blurred so you can see the sparkly goodness. 

I may be in love. Don't tell my husband. ;)

I made a video showing this polish in action. Once I figure out how to make it blog worthy and embed it in this post, you will see how freaking awesome this polish truly is.

Until then, you can pick this up and Ulta, Sally's, and other stores that sell China Glaze.  

Go get it, put it on, and dance around in the sun. You'll thank me. =)

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  1. This polish is amazing! I'm not a gold person but I LOVE this so much!!!

  2. I'm not that into gold either but this polish is absolutely stunning in person. It's a must have in my book. =)


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