Saturday, June 2, 2012

Color Club Sky High

It's such a bummer when effects that show in a nail polish bottle don't translate on the nail. This is one of those cases but Sky High is still a beautiful polish. In the bottle, a purple duochrome is visible but don't get too excited, you can barely see it once applied. Despite that bummer, Sky High is a beautiful blue polish. It has a lot of silver shimmer making it's finish a little different than the others in this collection. Do I wish it had a strong purple flash? You know it but I still love it. 

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  1. omgosh i thought this one looked amazing in the bottle too! it was the one i was considering getting, such a bummer that the duochrome turned out to be a dud :<

  2. I love it but man I wish the duochrome was visible. Why tease us like that?

  3. I may be wishing too hard, but I see some purple duochrome, especially on your index finger in the second picture from the top. Also a little in the following photos. Not as intense as in the bottle, but not a total washout.

  4. There is a tiny bit, I had to play with the angles a lot to get it to show on camera.

  5. I really like this one! I can see a VERY LITTLE of the purple on the nail but yeah, it would have been nicer if you could see it better. :)


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