Thursday, June 14, 2012

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

This is the second polish from The Amazing Spiderman Collection that I'm going to show to you. I wasn't sure about this one at first. It looked white in the promos (to me at least) and I didn't feel like I needed another white. Then the fabulous swatches started popping up and I realized this was no ordinary white. This is actually grey. The lightest shade possible before being white that is. It gives an appearance of a dirty white with a touch of grey and maybe a little bit of blue? I thought my eye detected that but it has been wrong before. 

The great thing is, it's not a pain in the butt to apply like most whites. It didn't streak, self leveled well, and was perfect in three coats. Being a light color, I like to give an extra coat to make sure VNL doesn't sneak through. With the lovely formula and the fact that I don't have anything like this, a love connection was made. Awwww. That was cheesy. Let's move on to the pictures shall we?

Here is is with Shatter the Scales (one coat) which is apart of The Amazing Spiderman Collection. It is a glittery forest green shatter that I think is pretty on some of the polishes in the collection. On others, looks funky. I don't know why I bought this. I'm over shatters but the "this one has glitter" thinking suckered me in. I'm so weak!! I finished it off with a coat of Seche Vite and viola! 

Let me know what you think!! I love reading your comments.

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  1. love your swatches! you make me really wanna get it, but i'm still on the fence about this one... i haven't gotten it yet cause i can't justify the shade, but it really does look amazing on everyone!

  2. I love my this color it's super original. It looks nice against olive skin's not that stark white look.


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