Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nail Polish Haul - May and June 2012

I just realized how bad I've been lately. 

This is a bit embarrassing but...this is what I have acquired in the last two months or so. 

No judging! 

 Left-right: Hits Artsy, Unconventional, Dionisio, and Apolo

 My picks from the China Glaze Summer Neons Collection
Left to right: I'm with the Lifeguard, Ride the Waves, Pink Plumeria, Beach Cruise-R, and Under the Boardwalk

 Left to right: Jade Energy, Jade Hypnose, Jade Magia Negra, Jade Mystic Gold, Ozotic 534, and Ozotic 528

 Zoya Nidhi

 Left to right: Girly Bits Magically Delicious, Daddy's Little Girl, and Shift Happens (Color shifting top coat)

 So pretty!!!!!!

Left to right: OPI Sand On Your Own Feet and The Flowers are Blue-Ming!

 Left to right: Orly Mermaid Tale and Synchro

My picks from the On Safari Collection
Left to right: China GlazeI Heard That, Desert Sun, I'm Not Lion, Kalahari Kiss, Man Hunt, Jungle Queen, and Elephant Walk 

Sorry about the window glare on all of the bottles. I'm still trying to figure out this lighting thing. 

Thanks for reading and not judging me! 



  1. I am not judging.. however, if you REALLY think you bought too many and you want to get rid of a couple I'll kindly take some of the Jade polishes off your hands ;)

  2. I have so much envy- I've been wanting some Hits polish for ages... hehe. Nice haul, enjoy them! :)

  3. Quite nice nail polishes. Would love too see some swatches :)

  4. Pretty! I need to come over and do my nails! :)

  5. I plan on doing a 4th of July mani and then start swatching all of these!

  6. Pony, the Hits are pretty gloopy and have funky brushes. Hard to work with but they are pretty. I highly recommend the Jade holos. Easier to work with and gorgeous!

  7. Where did you get the Jade polishes? I've been looking for them for forever! Not only are they my namesake, but they are gorgeous lol i found the regular colors on Amazon, but can't find the holos. Please help =)

  8. You can find Jade at and They come from Brazil so they are around $10 a pop. Good luck! =)


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