Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Color Club Fly With Me

Green is one of my favorite colors for nail polish. I used to think it was strange to wear green polish before my obsession collection started. I have since crossed over to the dark side and will put any shade and finish on my tips if it strikes my fancy. Glass fleck polishes have quickly become one of my favorite finishes as you know which is why I have enjoyed Color Club's Take Wing collection so much.

I love sporting green on my nails but this shade isn't my favorite. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty, I'm just not a fan of lime green. I don't think I'd even enjoy it on my toes. It would be a lot of fun to use in a water marble or in nail art so I'll keep Fly With Me around. As for a full mani, not so much. You be the judge, this may be right up your ally.

Fly With Me (4 coats)

Despite my not digging the color, the formula was quite lovely. It's just like Daisy Does it and Sparkle and Soar formula wise. It's on the thin side, wipe the excess off of your brush before applying and you shouldn't have any problems with pooling or flooding your cuticles. It dries quickly so putting on four coats didn't take as long as it sounds. If you like the color, you'll love this polish. 

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I'll be back tomorrow with more from this collection. Have you ordered any yet? 

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  1. i love lime greens!! the shimmer is pretty, but i prefer cremes cause i love how well the color stands on its own (:


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