Monday, April 16, 2012

Nerd Lacquer Warrior Ethos

Those of you who know me well know I love the color red. I have red couches, my wedding colors were red, black and white, and I have a ton of red nail polish. There is just something about the color red that makes me happy. It's so bold, vibrant, and powerful. It's no surprise that I love this glittery red concoction by Nerd Lacquer. It's so complex, I'm sure I haven't spotted everything that's going on in this sparkly polish. By the way, does anyone know what Warrior Ethos means? I asked my nerd but he didn't know. I'll ask Mr. Google later. On with the pictures! 

Warrior Ethos had a flawless formula. I only needed two coats, the red jelly base was very pigmented. I do wish I could have mixed my bottle up better. I have it turned upside down right now to help move all of the glitter that has collected at the bottom. For the most part it's very even. I love that this can be worn on it's own instead of needing to layer it. As for all of the glitter? I'm going to refer to the description Amanda, the mastermind behind Nerd Lacquer gave us. Warrior Ethos is "a bright blood red with black, iridescent, copper, and red glitter, plus medium black hexagonal glitter and large copper hexagonal glitter."

I've read that Amanda is in the middle of a move right now so it may be a while before you get the chance to snag this beauty up. Trust me though, it's worth the wait. By the way, in addition to the Etsy shop, Nerd Lacquers will be available at Ninja Polish and Harlow & Co. You can sign up for e-mail notifications (at Ninja and Harlow) when your favorite lacquers are restocked. 

Do you have any Nerd Lacquers? What do you think? I love reading your comments so drop me a line!

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  1. this looks fierce on you! i love the jelly base :D i just got into indie polishes w/pretty&polished--can't wait to get my first order!!

  2. Thanks! I love this polish, I wish Nerd Lacquer would restock so I can get some more. =) Pretty and Polished is awesome too.


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