Wednesday, April 4, 2012

China Glaze Prismatics - My Picks

When I first saw the promo for the Prismatic collection I assumed the were going to be holos (holographic). I was SO excited because I missed out on the OMG collection. Shortly after the first promo circulated the nail blog world I sadly realized that these were not holo. I immediately put this collection in the "do not buy" category and moved on to drool over other polishes. I tried to hold strong but sadly, I am weak. I can't remember which evil bloggers had the swatches (there were many) that caught my eye but I got sucked in and I had to pick these up. I know, weak!!  

Well, they aren't holo and they aren't duochrome (ok, maybe a tiny bit) but they are glittery and quite stunning in my opinion. I think the let down of not being holo is what turned me off but I'm glad I caved in. I do love all things glitter you know. 

You may notice that my index and middle finger look different than my ring finger and pinky. I put on a coat of Orly Liquid Vinyl on my index and middle finger for each polish I'm going to show you. I prefer having a coat of black underneath these polishes. I think it gave the polishes more depth and made the colors pop more. It looks nice without the base color as well and I wanted you to see them with and without the black. Make sense? Ok! Here we go! 

Full Spectrum
Upon first glance, this looks like a violet glitter. As you can see, there are many different colors of glitter mixed in but the majority of the glitter is violet. I see red, green, blue, pink, and yellow pieces of glitter swirling around adding more interest, texture, and playfulness to this beauty. I used two coats of Full Spectrum on each finger and one coat of black polish on my index and middle finger. 

Liquid Crystal
I'm a little stumped with how to describe this, it's so fascinating to me. This was my favorite from the four I picked. Liquid Crystal's main color is a silvery blue that has a slight flash of light purple. You can see the color shift in the last picture on my index finger. It has so many colors mixed in just like the others in this collection. I like this polish with and without the black underwear. One coat of black polish on my index and middle finger and two coats of Liquid Crystal on all nails. Love this!

Optical Illusion
I adore this shade of green. It has just enough blue and grey to make it soft and soothing. It makes me think of the beach for some reason. It isn't the color of the ocean but there is just something about it that takes me there. I love the mix of glitter in this polish, there seems to be quite a bit of blue mixed in. It's so sparkly and funky but there is a soft quality that I love (if that makes sense). =)

The main color in this polish is a deep silvery violet. I think this looks better with the black polish (index and middle finger) underneath, it just gives it so much more depth. I love how this looks with my skin tone, I can't wait to wear it again. 

I hope you liked my picks from the Prismatic collection. Did you grab any of these glitter bombs or pass them by? By the way, these are top coat eaters. I used two thick coats of Seche Vite to get a smooth finish.  

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