Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Zoya Storm

I have been looking for a polish like this for a while now. I have a few black polishes that have different types of glitter but they just weren't quite right. Storm is now my favorite black polish. It is full of small holographic glitter. It looks kind of like it's full of silver glitter inside but when you go outside, it comes alive. 

Please forgive my cuticles and the weird lighting. 

Direct Sunlight

Formula was typical of Zoya which is fabulous. I only needed two coats. It went on smoothly without any issue. Another must have from Zoya. Really, the entire Ornate Collection is a must have. It's truly amazing!

I'll be back with Aurora. 

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  1. Ah, beautiful! I just ordered Zoya-Blaze not even 5 minutes ago. So excited to get it! I was going to buy Storm as well, but I have quite a few polishes already that are similar.
    Great swatches!

  2. This is lovely.



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