Monday, November 5, 2012

Zoya Blaze

I'm sure most of you have seen swatches of Zoya's Ornate Collection. They are all over right now and for good reason. They are gorgeous. I first saw pictures of them on a set of Zoya's spoons at a convention a while back. I thought they were pretty but I wasn't thrilled. I then heard that they were going to be scattered holographic polishes which of course got my attention again. After the first swatches hit my blog reader I was sold. I really love this collection. 

With how many swatches there are out there with the entire collection, I decided to show them one at a time. I had a rough few days and just couldn't get the whole collection ready to post today. I also, had a lot of fun photographing Blaze, Storm, and Aurora. I want to be able to show more pictures of their awesomeness. I have no idea which one of the three I love the most. I'm calling it a tie. 

Today as you can tell from the name of this post is all about Blaze. 

Blaze is a cranberry scattered holographic polish. These are the first holos Zoya have released and they did a great job. There are a ton of holographic particles, the formula is amazing, and they wear really well. I actually wore these for a few days and I only had a tiny bit of tip wear. Zoya rocks!

 This is what it looks like indoors. I took this outside in the shade. 


The rest of the pictures were taken in direct sunlight. 

Do you love it? I couldn't stop looking at my nails when I had this on. 
Tomorrow I'll show you Aurora or Storm. 

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  1. It's too beautiful! I think its the colour and the glitter combo so so pretty!

    Jazz x


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