Tuesday, November 27, 2012

China Glaze Creative Fantasy

Hi Everyone! I'm back with another polish from China Glaze's Cirque Du Soleil Collection. I have two more to show you after this. I'll probably just do the last two together so I can move on to other polishes. =) I think that people will either love or hate the polish I'm showing you today. I love it but I do recognize that it's a bit of a pain (in my opinion). Creative Fantasy is dark purple crelly (jelly/creme) polish. Maybe it's just a jelly? I'm not sure on that one. 

 Creative Fantasy has pros and cons. Let's talk pros first. It's a lovely shade of purple and dries to a plastic/rubbery finish. I put Seche Vite on top which took changed the finish to a high gloss (sorry about the reflection in my nails). 

Here are the cons. The formula is difficult to work with. It took me five coats to make it opaque. Yep, f-i-v-e. In person, the tips don't look as sheer as the pictures show. It drags and makes the bottom and tips of the nails thin and the center thick. I even gave more dry time in between coats but that didn't help with the dragging issue. With less coats, it's a little lighter shade of purple but the uneven consistency drove me nuts. Despite the cons, I still like this polish. I just need to practice with it more (I think). 

I'm curious about how it will work with a jelly sandwich mani. Has anyone tried that with this polish yet? 

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