Friday, May 18, 2012

Orly Skinny Dip

I have to admit that I'm not a fan of neons. My skin is very pale and neons just draw more attention to that fact. If I could pull them off, I'm sure I'd like them more. The only neon I owned before the few I picked up from Orly's Feel the Vibe collection was a hot pink my niece picked out a while back. I've never worn it myself but she has rocked it several times. It's safe to say that Skinny Dip is out of my comfort zone but I think it's important to venture out every now and then. I got the mini set so I didn't blow too much money on something I'm not that comfortable wearing. I think they will be used mainly with nail art. 

Out of the few neons I bought, Skinny Dip is my favorite. I can actually see myself putting it on again too which is a shocker. Skinny Dip is a super bright neon blue that is best worn on top of white. I repeat, this along with most neons are best on top of a coat or two of white polish. The white helps it pop more and stay true to it's color. 

I used two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and two coats of Skinny Dip in the pictures below with Seche Vite on top.

Orly Skinny Dip (2 coats) on top of OPI Alpine Snow (2 coats)

What's that awesomeness on my accent nail you ask? It's a gold leaf top coat. Fancy, I know. I LOVE how it looks against the blue and it makes me feel pretty cool. I saw this top coat on Chalkboard Nails a little while ago and being the helpless polish addict I am, had to grab a bottle of my own. Click here to see the post about this top coat, it has the ordering information if you'd like to feel fancy too. These are available while supplies last. 

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  1. That top coat is awesome!!

  2. i love that top coat! i've been looking for the feel the vibe collection, but my local ulta is completely sold out. i didn't know they had a mini set! i'll be on the look out for it :D

  3. I ordered the mini set from Amazon. =)

  4. Gold falkes. Wow! I'd take that to the cash for gold store! lol

  5. I love the gold on your nail! So cool!


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