Monday, May 28, 2012

Color Club Daisy Does It

This week I'll be showing you Color Club's Take Wing Collection. Today I'm starting off with Daisy Does It which is a juicy, sparkly, dark yellow that I think everyone should have (and I do not like yellow)! I haven't seen a polish quite like this, have you? 

Daisy Does It (4 coats)

Can we talk about how much I hate the color yellow? It washes me out to the point where I look like I'm dying. I only have two other yellow polishes and they aren't my favorite. This, I'm in love with. It's a darker yellow and the shimmer is to die for in person. A yellow I actually love? This is it!

About the formula, it was fabulous! It is thin but in a good way. It didn't flood my cuticles at all, just make sure you wipe off the brush a little as you bring it out of the bottle. With it being a thinner formula, I did need four coats to make it opaque. It dries fast so I wasn't bothered by needing four coats. Yellows are usually streaky and hard to work with but this went on smoothly. Maybe the fact that it's not a creme is why it worked so well? I highly recommend this! <3 <3 <3!!!

Thanks for reading! I'll be back tomorrow with another gem from this collection.



  1. I don't like yellow either but surprisingly I like that color a lot. Maybe it's the glitter... :)

  2. It must be the glitter, I am still surprised with how much I like it!


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