Thursday, May 24, 2012

Revlon Whimsical

I was on the hunt for Whimsical for quite a while. It seemed that every time I turned on the computer, someone had a gorgeous swatch on their blog. Torture!!! I finally gave up my search and there it was! Funny how things work out sometimes. I was so excited that I bought two. I'm not sure why I did that....I have yet to use up an entire bottle of polish. Revlon has been putting out a lot of fabulous glitters lately, don't you think? This is lame, I know, but I wish their bottles were cuter. I know that doesn't matter but I'm a sucker for cute bottles. 

Enough chit chat from me, let's get down to business. Whimsical is a baby blue milky jelly with a touch of green (I think) filled with a variety of delicious glitter. There's a bit of light blue and pink hex glitter and then some smaller multi colored glitter. It's just the right amount to make your nail look speckled with glitter so you can enjoy the pretty base color too. It's supposed to be a dupe for the much more expensive Deborah Lippmann In the Air. I don't have the other polish so I can't tell you how accurate this is but it sure is cute!

You must know that it's pretty darn sheer. I layered this over two coats of China Glaze Kinetic Candy. I used three very thin coats of Whimsical because I wanted a lot of glitter on my nails. The formula was easy to work with but it's definitely a layering polish which I don't mind. I love how it looks like a jelly sandwich mani if you use a few coats. 

Just in case your curious, here is a picture of China Glaze Kinetic Candy. I put a coat of Techno on my accent nail.

What do you think? Is Whimsical your cup of tea? Let me know in the comment section! =) Your comments make my day and I seriously appreciate the support. 

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Happy Polishing!


  1. envyyy!!! I've been lemming over Whimsical for God knows how long..!! hopefully I'll be as lucky as you!!

  2. I happened to spot it at a local grocery store (Smith's). I was so surprised to finally see it!

  3. Yea everyone is talking about it so I manage to get my friend in USA to get it for me~!! So now I am waiting for my package and also try it on to see what is so awesome about it hehe <3 But it looks really cool as a jelly sandwich thou so it should be cool to have in our collection :))


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