Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday - Color Club Halo-graphic

Welcome to Go Pink Wednesday! I can't believe it's the last one, I'm a little sad! I picked out a drool worthy holo for you. Grab a bib and enjoy!

When I first found out that Color Club was coming out with a collection of holographic polishes, I was thrilled. I think holos are so beautiful and almost mesmerizing with how the colors move around in the light. After I got over my initial excitement, I started wondering if they'd be any good. I have a nice collection of holographic polishes that have a big range in intensity. It frustrates me when I get a holo polish in the mail and it's a dud. I held off on ordering these until I heard how strong they are. 

It didn't take long to hear that they are amazing and I quickly put in my order for the entire collection. 

Do I regret buying the whole collection? 

No. Why? Scroll down and see. 

 This is what Halo-graphic (two coats w/ top coat) looks like in the shade. 
This photo is actually a bit misleading. You can definitely tell that it's a holo inside. 

 This is what it looks like outside. I should have warned you, I know. 

 I like this weird blurry picture. It's crazy holo, right? I think these are the strongest holos I have. 
I think I need to do a comparison post. 

You can find these on many online stores (I'm not sure where in actual stores). Ask Mr. Google and you'll find many options. I got mine from for $8 plus shipping. That's the cheapest place I could find. 

Before I send you off to Eighty Eight Beauty, let me tell you about my experience. Ordering was fine and my package arrived in about a week safe and sound. I did, however, have an attack of OCD when I noticed that I only got two silver caps with the remaining four polishes having black caps. Is it silly to be bothered by that? Probably. Do I care? Not really. $8 a polish is expensive and I like my collections to match. I like my silver caps and it just irked me. I contacted the company and the same day received the response that if I contacted Color Club directly they would mail four silver caps to me. They gave me their contact info. 

Alright, I can call them. No problem. When I called Color Club they acted completely confused and forwarded me off to a voice mail. They have yet to call me back. I gave up on getting an answer with calling them so I wrote a message on Color Club's Facebook page and immediately got a response and my caps are in the mail. Yay!!!!! 

Well, that was a long winded explanation on polish caps. <:) These things are important right? No? 

Stay tuned for my swatches of Zoya's Ornate Collection and the rest of the Halo Hues Collection. Those should be up in a few days.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. How fantastic is this. I love the different tones that splash through your nail colour.

    New follower

    I am currently running a give away of a trio of pink polishes perfect for breast cancer awareness or just to wear in general has well as extra bonus items. Uk only. Anyone feel free to check it out. So easy to enter, you have nothing to lose. Good luck xx

  2. Oh WOW! What a stunner! Beautiful holo :D

  3. Gorgeous! And I totally understand about the caps... I have my own things I'm OCD about, lol! :)

  4. I got the silver caps in the mail today. Now they will all match! =)

  5. I really need to get these STAT. I absolutely love all things holo. I can tell I won't be able to pass these up. You are not at all crazy about wanting matching caps!! That would drive me bananas. I am glad that Color Club offered to send you some to match up with your others. Nice to know that they have good service on some level.

  6. Whoever is in charge of their FB page was great and responded quickly with getting my caps to me. The people I spoke to on the phone were a pain. I'm just glad they match now. I'm glad you guys understand my craziness! =)

  7. Hi!
    Is the Harp On It(holographic)color that's in the pictures above?


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