Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zoya Gloss Collection

I have had the Gloss Collection from Zoya for a while now and I'm so excited to finally show them to you! Tomorrow, I'm going to show you the jelly sandwiches I created with them. Today will just be my swatches and review. 

It took me a while to really understand what you can do with nail polish with jelly finishes. Before, they just frustrated me with how many coats they needed to become opaque. Now that I know what a jelly sandwich is in the nail world, I love them. I was excited that Zoya released these polishes and snagged all three on an impulse (that's how I usually roll). Now, I like these polishes just fine... I just don't love them. The colors aren't my favorite on their own. They take a lot of coats to look like the bottle color which is typical of a jelly. Each polish took about 4 coats and they were still a bit transparent. Again, typical of a jelly. With the right kind of bling layered on top, their true potential comes out which is how I prefer to wear them. I'll show you that tomorrow. 

 Zoya Frida

 Zoya Katherine
This was the hardest of the three to get opaque. 

 Zoya Paloma
This is the only one out of the three that I like on it's own. 

If you are thinking about purchasing these, remember they take a bit of patience. Each picture shows 4 coats of polish. You need to take your time in between coats to make sure the polish dries properly. It may seem dry on the top but the bottom layers may still be wet so be careful. Other than that, the formula was fabulous. 

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