Saturday, October 27, 2012

Candy Corn Nails Tutorial

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I had a few readers ask me how I did my candy corn nails. I put together a little tutorial to show you how easy it is. It isn't a high tech tutorial but I think it does the job. Enjoy!

Step 1
Put on a base coat to protect your nails. When that dries, paint your nails orange. I used Zoya Arizona (two coats). Put on a top coat (I used Seche Vite). Make sure it is completely dry before doing the next step. If it's not, the polish will come off with the tape. 

Step 2 
 Get a piece of tape and cut it to the size you'd like. Place it firmly on your nail and get rid of all the bubbles to prevent the next polishes from bleeding. 

Step 3
 Paint the bottom of your nail yellow. Use a polish that will be opaque in one coat and will cover the orange underneath completely. I used China Glaze Happy Go Lucky. Do one nail at a time at this stage. If you let the polish dry before removing the tape, you will pull the polish off.

Step 4
 Paint the tip of your nail white. Be careful not to drag the yellow with the brush of your white polish. It will make a big mess! Make sure the white polish you use covers the orange with one coat. I used OPI Alpine Snow. I applied it thickly to make sure the orange didn't show. 

Step 5
Remove the tape carefully. If you look at the picture for step two, you will see that I had bubbles in my tape. That is why my lines aren't perfectly straight. That's my biggest challenge with tape manicures but I'm getting better with practice. Finish off with a top coat to protect your work and enjoy your awesome nails! 

I hope my first tutorial was helpful! Let me know if you try these! Here is my post for my candy corn nails if you want to see them. 

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