Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jelly Sandwich Time

Alright, I am here a day late on the jelly sandwiches I promised you! I forgot I had my Go Pink Wednesday! post set for the next day so I'm going to show them to you today! On Monday, I showed you Zoya's Gloss Collection alone with nothing on them. You can find that, here. I'm not a huge fan of wearing them alone. The colors just don't wow me enough so I used China Glaze's Halloween glitters to make them more, "me." 

 For Frida, I added two coats of China Glaze Make a Spectacle. I had a feeling this would look lovely together and was not prepared for how freaking awesome it would be. I L O V E this look. I should have just stopped here and called it fabulous. I will be wearing this combo again. Soon. Love it! 

Knowing that my goal was to show these polishes sammich style, I put on another two coats of Frida. One coat just turned the glitter teal. It looked funky. Two gave me the sandwich look I was going for. It's nice. In person, it looks very mermaid like. In person, it's sparkly. I like it. I really do...

I just couldn't stop thinking about this. This I love. Sorry, I just needed to show this twice. I'm funny that way. ;)

Moving on.....

 Paloma was the only one out of the three that I like alone. I still wanted to see what it would look like with China Glaze Make a Spectacle on top. This time I just put one coat on top. Having Paloma underneath gives MaS a different look than with Frida underneath. I like it this way too. 

 Very Christmasy to me. I want to remember this combo for the holidays. 

Then I had to ruin it by putting two coats of Paloma on top. It just didn't work for some reason. Maybe I just need one coat but a thicker coat? Live and learn right?

On to Katherine...

I loved the way ChG Make a Spectacle looked on top of these jellies but I hadn't had success sandwiching them yet. I decided to switch it up by using China Glaze Glitter Goblin. Glitter Goblin is from the Halloween 2012 Collection, Wicked. Glitter Goblin amazing that I'm not going to show you it on it's own today. I'm skipping to the sandwiched look and then I'll show it to you in it's own post. Glitter Goblin deserves it's very own post. 

I can't handle how gorgeous this is. My pictures aren't even doing it justice which makes me sad. If you happen to have these two polishes, you must try this look. You won't be able to stop staring at your nails, moving them around in the light, licking them, shoving them in your husband's face so he can see your pretty nails, etc. It's ridiculous how pretty this combo is. 

Katherine is super thin so I needed two coats on top of Glitter Goblin to get this look. It took a while for everything to dry but it was worth it. 

Tomorrow, I'll be back with Glitter Goblin. 
Maybe I'll post it later today. 
We shall see. =) 

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