Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday! China Glaze Hello Gorgeous! and United

Welcome to my first official Go Pink Wednesday post! I picked two polishes from China Glaze's Breast Cancer Awareness collection for 2012, United in Purpose. The collection consists of twelve polishes but I just picked two. I know this will come as a shock but I picked the two glitters. I know, I'm really stepping out of my box today. =) The two polishes I picked are called, Hello Gorgeous! and United. 

 United and Hello Gorgeous! 
Sorry about the bad picture. Yikes!

All pictures show United on my pinky and ring finger and Hello Gorgeous! on my index and spirit finger. I used three coats of polish and two coats of Seche Vite top coat. 

 Hello Gorgeous! and United are basically the same type of polish as China Glaze I'm Not Lion, I Herd That, and Glitter Goblin. The glitter is very fine and has an intense amount of holographic glitter mixed in. They are beautiful inside and blinding in the sun. 

United is a rose/mauve and Hello Gorgeous! is a light rose. In my opinion, they are different enough to justify both but in certain lights it was a little hard to tell them apart. 

The formula was perfect. The first two coats are pretty sparse but the third coat evens it out giving it perfect coverage. I do not have a base color underneath these glitters are on their own in all their glory. 

You can see in this picture they look more similar. 

 Prepare to use a lot of top coat! They dry to a gritty sandpaper texture. Two thick coats of Seche Vite gave them a nice smooth surface. 

Worried about removal? Use Elmer's Glue for your base coat. When you're ready for a polish change, simply peel them off. No problem. 

These are a must have in my opinion. Grab them at Ulta, Sally's, or anywhere else China Glaze is sold.  

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  1. Both very pretty but I'm glad I just bought United.

  2. Thank you! Helena, I agree they are similar enough to just need one. :)

  3. At first, it doesn't look like pink but still I love it. I love the shimmering effect. This is also perfect for this coming holiday season.

  4. Yep, it's definitely a dusty rose. In person, the are much more pink. =)

  5. Good post, thanks - I was wondering which one to get for myself and I think I now prefer Hello Gorgeus! :)


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