Sunday, August 4, 2013

FNUG Gold Stiletto

I've always wanted to try a FNUG polish so I was thrilled to get this polish to review from Llarowe. FNUG is a Danish brand that was started by Charlotte Fnugg Munksgaard. I was curious about the name so I looked it up. I figured I'd share that little tidbit. For those of us in the states this is a hard brand to get. Luckily, we can get FNUG and other international brands from Llarowe!

Gold Stiletto is a yellow gold metallic polish with a golden shimmer. In the bottle you can see tiny pieces of coppery particles but they don't seem to translate to the nail.

The formula is amazing, it applied nice and smooth. I could definitely tell that I was using a high quality nail polish. The first coat was a bit sheer but it was completely opaque by the second coat. It is extremely sparkly and shimmery which I of course love. 

Here's a macro of my nail. It looks like I painted my nails with real gold. 

This is a macro of the bottle. It looks a bit different on the nail then in the bottle doesn't it?
 It's quite lovely.

As you can tell by the pictures, the bottle is really small. It's 8.5 ml which is a little more than half of the size of a standard bottle of polish. This brand is more expensive as well, around $14.00 a bottle. There are many shades including this one on Llarowe's site that are for sale. Gold Stiletto is currently on sale for $8.00. Now, I'm not saying this brand is overpriced. I own quite a few bottles of polish that are on the expensive side. I just want to make you aware of how much polish you're getting for your buck. 

This was my first experience with FNUG and I'm quite impressed. There are many shades from this brand that have quickly jumped onto my wish list. Have you seen their holos? Oh my...

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*The product in this post was provided for review. 


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