Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Colors by Llarowe Behead the Drama Queen and Beautiful Creature

If you are a polish addict like myself you are probably familiar with Llarowe. You probably also know that she now has an amazing nail polish line sold on....you guessed it...Llarowe.  I recently received a lovely package of polish to swatch for her and was so lucky to have Llarowe Behead the Drama Queen! and Beautiful Creature be two of those polishes. 

Behead the Drama Queen! (I adore the name) is from the Haters Gonna Hate! collection and Beautiful Creature is from the Beauty in Nature collection. I happened to swatch Behead the Drama Queen! first and then thought Beautiful Creature would look really pretty layered on top. 

Let's talk about Drama Queen first.

Colors  by Llarowe Behead the Drama Queen!
Llarowe describes Drama Queen as being a deep teal green that shifts navy to purple with hints of sapphire with intense shimmer in sunlight. 

What you see definitely depends on what lighting this chameleon is in. I swatched it on a cloudy day unfortunately. In my house (under daylight bulbs), I saw a lot of deep emerald with a really pretty tealish blue that borders the nail. The entire nail looked more blue depending on how I turned my hand.

You can see the blue shift on the corner of the bottle in this picture. 

This is one of those polishes that will have you staring at your hand all day. Drive with caution. 

 Sorry for the weird photo. I liked how you can see more blue in the polish so I wanted to show it.

Another weird angle but it really shows the blue flash. With the color shifts and blinding shimmer, this is a gorgeous polish. 

Alright, now let's take a look at Colors by Llarowe Beautiful Creature on top of Behead the Drama Queen.

Colors by Llarowe Beautiful Creature
Beautiful Creature is a glitter topper that has multiple colors and sizes of glitter in a clear base that's loaded with shimmer. I love the color palate of these glitters. They look very tropical and summery together. The splash of lime green and bright pink is my favorite part. 

 Love it!

You can purchase these polishes from Llarowe of course! You can tell that the Colors by Llarowe line was created by a polish lover who understands what her fellow lacquer heads want. There is something for everyone from this brand; cremes, glitters, shimmers, and holos. Oh the holos. They're good. Very good. 

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  1. The glitter looks amazing over Behead the Drama Queen!

  2. I've been seeing these all over. Behead the Drama Queen looks so amazing and I agree, awesome name!

    - Toria


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