Monday, August 12, 2013

Wing Dust Blue Steel

Wing Dust Collections is an indie polish line that's available both on Etsy and Llarowe that was created by Stephanie. Located in Canada, they ship worldwide (from Etsy) and in the U.S. (via Llarowe). From what I read on the "About" page on Wing Dust's Etsy page, $1.00 from each bottle of polish sold goes to a fund for Stephanie's team mission fund to Zambia. 

The majority of the polishes from this line look like glitter toppers which is one of the many types of polish I'm obsessed with right now. The one I'm showing you today is a flakie polish named, Blue Steel. 

 Blue Steel has a sheer blue jelly base with blue and green iridescent flakes and a subtle iridescent shimmer. This polish is intended for layering; I used one coat on top of Ludurana Rock (black creme). I used one coat of Seche Vite for my top coat. 

 When applying, I didn't get a lot of flakies on my brush. I tried to remove the base without loosing too many flakes but it was a little tricky. The jelly base doesn't drip as fast as a clear base would and hold on tightly to the flakes.You can see that I don't have a ton of flakies on my nail (this is one coat). I did not apply a second coat so the effect was more subtle on my nails. In the sunlight, it is more noticeable and quite pretty. The more bling the better (in my world) so I'd recommend using more than one coat to make the flakie effect really pop.

 Here is a macro shot of the bottle. Doesn't this shade of blue remind you of the ocean?

I didn't notice Blue Steel in the Wing Dust Collection Etsy shop but it is currently available at Llarowe for $8.50. 

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  1. Gorgeous! I actually think the subtlety of the one coat is quite lovely, but bummer it's difficult to fish for the flakies. Still looks beautiful though and I doubt I'd be swayed. Very pretty and love the close up shot! :)

    - Toria

  2. Shared your swatch on my recent Wish List post!


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