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Cult Nails Road Trip Anyone Collection

One of my favorite things to do is to go on a road trip. I love filling the cooler with fresh ice cubes and packing it full of our favorite snacks. Back in the day, I'd bring my favorite CDs to listen to over and over again. Now, I just take my husbands ipod (he has an amazing collection of tunes). Staying at a hotel is always exciting for me. First of all, I don't have to clean it. That's always a plus! Secondly, there is usually a pool and a hot tub. That's the perfect way to end a day packed in a car. It's also a great way to really get to know someone when you're stuck in the car with them for a day or more. I always had at least one road trip on the agenda every summer ever since I was a kid. Cult Nails nailed *snort* this collection just by making it summery colors. I had to grab it just for nostalgic reasons alone. 

I'm going to discuss the formulas first because they were consistent across the board. Usually, Cult Nails cremes are on the thicker side. This isn't a bad thing! A thicker polish can provide coverage in one coat (with practice) Thick polish doesn't always mean difficult and gooey. If you still don't like the consistency, add polish thinner and voila, you're problem is solved. With that said, I was surprised that the polishes in this collection were on the thin side. Again, that isn't a bad thing in this case. They were very easy to work with. No complaints here! An important tip (I think) is to wipe off the excess polish from the brush (inside the neck of the bottle) before application. This prevents your cuticles from getting flooded. With using thinner coats with these polishes, I needed two coats of the cremes. In some pictures, I use Mayhem (holo top coat) and All Out as an accent nail. For those two polishes, I used one coat

Now, for the pictures...

 Cult Nails Party Time
Blue Creme Nail Polish
 Cult Nails Party Time is a basic bright blue creme polish that every girl should have in their collection. I can see myself reaching for this shade over and over again. I'm a sucker for blue polish and this particular shade of blue is gorgeous. 

Cult Nails Mayhem
 Cult Nails Party Time with one coat of Cult Nails Mayhem on my accent nail. Mayhem is a holographic top coat. Need I say more? Ok, it's a linear holographic that is more on the subtle side. You can get a stronger effect by applying another coat. I wanted the base color to show through more which is why I went with one. Another must have from this collection. 

Cult Nails All Out
 Cult Nails Party Time with one coat of Cult Nails All Out on my accent nail. Cult Nails describes All Out as being a "multifaceted shimmer that will glisten from yellow, gold, orange, or green depending on what color it is layered over." I'm not in love with using All Out as an accent with this color. I would wear it on each nail but I wanted to show you how it compares. Warning: This topper has a serious shimmer that will have you staring at your hands all day. 

Cult Nails Riot
Mint Creme Nail Polish
Cult Nails Riot is a bright mint green creme. Love! 

 Cult Nails Mayhem
Cult Nails Riot with one coat of Cult Nails Mayhem on my accent nail. I did a full mani with Riot and Mayhem with a few small rhinestones on my accent nail earlier this week. You can see that post, here

Cult Nails All Out
 Cult Nails Riot with one coat of Cult Nails All Out on my accent nail. Again, I think this would look better if All Out was applied to every nail. That's just my personal preference. 

Cult Nails Be Loco
Coral Creme Nail Polish
 Cult Nails Be Loco is a bright coral creme that has a lot of peach in it. I love this color but it doesn't love me. This will be one of my summer pedi colors. For those of you who can pull this off, I envy you. 

 Cult Nails Be Loco with one coat of Cult Nails Mayhem on my accent nail. I think Mayhem looks so beautiful with Be Loco. I think I can pull it off this way too. That makes me happy!

Cult Nails Be Loco with one coat of Cult Nails All Out on the accent nail. I like All Out both as an accent and on each nail with Be Loco. 

Cult Nails, Road Trip Anyone? can be purchased from for $12 each. Mayhem is $14. 

Which polishes will you be rocking from this collection? Do you have any favorites?

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