Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cadillacquer Where the Wild Things Are

I've been so lucky to try out a bunch of new brands lately. Cadillacquer is another new to me brand and I'm intrigued! First of all, I adore the name. As a first and second grade teacher, I often read Where the Wild Things Are (by Maurice Sendak) to my students. I also have fond memories of it from my childhood. It's such a cute story and the illustrations are absolutely charming. It's one of the books I saved when I stopped teaching. Now that I'm thinking of it, I should find it and send it to my nieces and nephew. It's not doing any good collecting dust is it!? The polish, I'll keep for myself. 

Where the Wild Things are by Cadillacquer is a very smoky greyed out green that seems to have some blue in it as well. I love this color. I need to paint a room in my house this color. As for the shimmer and glitter, there is a lot more going on than what immediately meets the eye. There is actually glitter, shimmer, and flakies in this polish. Oh my? Definitely. The shimmer looks like a light yellowy gold, the flakies are iridescent, and the glitter is iridescent and light silver. I probably got some of that wrong but that's what it looks like to me! 

The formula is a bit on the thick side. I wiped the excess off on my brush to make my coats pretty thin. If you apply it with a lot of polish on your brush, it will get a little goopy and hard to control. Once I put less on my brush, it went on just fine. I will probably add a little polish thinner to the bottle.

I used two thin coats and finished up with Seche Vite top coat. 

Here is a macro of the bottle. You can see the shimmer on the upper right side of the picture. It's kind of hard to see the flakies, but they are there. Have I mentioned how much I love the color? Yum.

If you don't mind adding some polish thinner or putting in a little extra effort for a beautiful polish, I can recommend this. I personally don't have a problem adjusting the amount I normally have on my brush as long as I love how it looks. This will be a keeper for me. 

You can get this polish from the fabulous, Llarowe for $13.00. 

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