Friday, July 13, 2012

Orly Fired Up Preview - Fall 2012

Here is Orly's Fall collection, Fired Up. I'm not really impressed. I am, however, really excited to collect their FX glitters. I know, shocking. =) 

Left to right: 
Flare, Flickr, Glow, Ignite, Rapture, and Smolder

What do you think?



  1. I mean I guess Flickr is ok, but yeah I agree with you. Not that impressive ;)

  2. Pretty colors, but nothing jumps out at me as that unique. The most unique polish line lately seems to be Sinful Colors (IMHO).

  3. I'll have to check out Sinful Colors, I haven't looked at that line too much yet. Thanks for the tip! Orly has been bumming me out lately...except for the glitters. There are a few I have my eye on.


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