Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Zoya Lovely Collection

I'm so excited to show you Zoya's new spring collection, Lovely. The first thing that struck me when I saw all six colors lined up together in the box is how perfect they look together. I immediately thought of easter and spring. Some of these colors may look familiar to you. Julie, Gei Gei, and Piaf were first released in the Zang Toi collection as limited edition. Jacqueline and Neely were released in the Peter Som collection. I missed out on both so I was excited to see them come back. 

The Lovely Collection has six polishes, three are cremes and three are shimmers. I would classify all but Piaf and Jacqueline as pastels. Now, pastels don't get along with my skin tone. They make my hands look too red or washed out depending on the color. With that said, if pastels work for you, you will love this collection. 

The Cremes
The formula on the following three polishes were very similar. They are on the thin side but apply smoothly and self level very well. Wipe off the extra polish from your brush before application and you'll be fine. I used three thin coats on each shade. 

Jacqueline likes to photograph on the yellow side but it is a very neutral nude. I would describe it as a light beige.  

 Blu is a pastel blue. It's a lot softer in person than my picture. 

 Neely is a light minty pastel green. 

The Shimmers
The formula on all of the shimmers were perfect. I only needed two thin coats for opacity. They are all packed with a beautiful silver shimmer. 

Piaf is a medium yellow with silver shimmer. I'm not a fan of yellow so this was my least favorite color.

 This was my favorite from the collection. It's a beautiful light lavender with silver shimmer. 

Gei Gei
 I'm not sure how to pronounce Gei Gei but I love this polish. It's a beautiful light "baby girl" pink. The silver shimmer makes this different from the other pinks in my collection.

 Here is Gei Gei with flash. This color is more accurate and shows what the shimmer looks like. 

What do you think? Do you have any favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

The Lovely Collection is available on Zoya's website for $8 each. 

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