Monday, January 21, 2013

I Love Nail Polish Swatches

I have three polishes from the brand, I Love Nail Polish. I grabbed these on Cyber Monday from the I Love Nail Polish store on Etsy. I had been admiring these polishes for a while and wanted to try them out. All three polishes had a great formula but had a very strong smell. Each picture shows two coats on top of my base color. 

Once Upon a Starry Night
I love star glitter and had to have this when I saw it. It's my favorite of the three. It has blue and silver glitter and of course stars in a clear base. I wore it on top of a plain black creme polish (I can't remember which one). 

 Goldie Boo Boo
This is the perfect glitter for the Fall. In fact, I believe this is from the Halloween collection. I do have a confession. The name makes me think of Honey Boo Boo (I am not a fan). It has a variety of orange, brown, green, and yellow glitter in a clear base. I wore this over an orange shimmer polish (OPI Take the Stage). 

Animal Cookie
I may need to put this polish out of sight. It makes me crave the pink and white animal cookies it was named after. I love this as well but think I'd like it over a darker base color. I just can't pull off white nail polish! Animal Cookie has pink and white square, hex, and bar glitter in a variety of sizes. I can see my five year old niece rocking this one. I'll post pictures when I try this over a different color. 

I Love Nail Polish can be found on Etsy, here

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  1. once upon a starry night is so pretty! adding it to my wish list!

  2. It's so much more beautiful in person, you'll love it! Thanks ladies! I love reading your comments!


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