Friday, December 20, 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Collection Liquid Sands

As you probably know, OPI released a massive holiday collection this year. 18 polishes! Yikes! I purchased these myself so I couldn't justify buying all 18. A large portion of my polish collection is red so I definitely couldn't justify getting all of the reds as tempting as they were. As I stood in Ulta drooling over the display, I had to keep telling myself that I probably had a dupe of most of the reds at home. It was not easy but I kept myself under control. Sort of...

I couldn't stop myself from buying all six of the Liquid Sand shades. I am obsessed with textured polish (as long as they have glitter) and there was no way I could pass these up. I thought I'd show you my swatches of the Liquid Sands first. Then I'll show you what I picked from the rest of the collection. Are you ready for some glitter?

OPI Baby Please Come Home
 OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Collection
Baby Please Come Home is my favorite from the bunch. It's a dusty metallic purple that can lean more silver in certain lights. Two coats.

OPI Liquid Sand
I thought this was a really cool picture. It doesn't look like this in real life but for some reason my camera had trouble separating (or blending) the purple and silver. 

OPI Emotions
Textured Nail Polish
Emotions is a black polish with black glitter. Three coats. 

 OPI It's Frosty Outside
It's Frosty Outside is a silver polish with silver glitter. Two coats.

 OPI Kiss Me At Midnight
Blue Textured Nail Polish
Kiss Me At Midnight is a bright blue polish with glitter. Another favorite from the collection. Two coats.

OPI Make Him Mine
OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand
Make Him Mine is a dusty rosy pink polish with silver glitter. Two coats.

OPI Silent Stars Go By
OPI Textured Nail Polish
Silent Stars Go By is a lighter version of Make Him Mine. They are so close, I'm not sure why they're in the same collection. I still like them both but I have polish issues. Two coats. 

I hope the textured polish trend sticks around because I can't get enough! OPI and Zoya make the best textured polishes in my opinion. Have I already said that? 

I hope you enjoyed my swatches! 

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