Tuesday, April 30, 2013

OPI DS Mystery

OPI DS Mystery was aptly named and a beast to photograph. It is a complex polish that has many faces that reveal themselves when you turn your hand or step into different light. I love it's depth and texture and only wish I could show it's true beauty. What you see in my pictures is just one layer, one face, and one dimension of this mysterious beauty. 

OPI DS Mystery
I'm sure everyone has a different opinion on what this polish is. I see a deepened plum infused with golden shimmer and brown undertones. It's golden shimmer is visible in all lights but really sparkles in the daylight.

OPI DS Mystery
Just like the other polishes in my DS (Designer Series) collection, Mystery has a flawless formula. It goes on in smooth effortless strokes and only needs two coats for opacity. 

I ordered Mystery on Transdesign.com (they no longer sell OPI) but I have recently spotted it at Ulta. 

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