Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Follow Pamper with Polish

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Hello everyone! With GFC (Google Friend Connect) on it's way out on July 1st, many blog obsessed people such as myself are in a panic. I have an insanely long list of blogs I like to keep up with on my google blog reader that I'd like to stay connected with. When GFC goes, how will I remember all of my beloved blogs? Bloglovin' is my personal solution to staying connected and transitioning smoothly with this big change. Bloglovin' has a blog reader and a function to transfer all of your favorite blogs directly from google's blog reader. I realize my terminology may not be 100% correct so if I have confused you in any way or you have a correction for me, let me know in the comment section. 

If you would like to stay connected to Pamper with Polish there are several ways to do so. I will provide links to where I am so you can find me and keep up with my polish shenanigans.  

1. Bloglovin' You can subscribe to my blog here and my posts will automatically pop up in your reader. 

2. Facebook I always post my blog updates on my Facebook page along with other random thoughts. I also share things that I find such as sales, nail art that I think is amazing, and other nail related thoughts. I also have albums for all of the nail polish brands I have swatched and my nail art. 

3. Twitter I only use Twitter to link my blog posts. I'm under PamperWPolish.  

5. Instagram I'm completely addicted to Instagram. I usually post a picture from my latest blog post. I also post pictures of my cats. @pamperwithpolish 

6. Pinterest I've recently set up an official Pinterest account for Pamper with Polish. I've been working on making boards for each nail polish brand I've swatched. I have a lot of work to do to link all of my blog posts to the account but it's coming along. 

I'll update this if and when I join other social media sites. Thank you for reading and for your support! 


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