Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nail Mail Rescue Beauty Lounge

Hey, husband! Don't read this. Thanks. 

I've been drooling over Rescue Beauty Lounge's (RBL) polish for a while now. I've never purchased one because of the insane price tag. I just couldn't justify it. The husband has issues with Christmas specifically knowing what to get me. This gives me free reign to order things and hand them over to him with the instructions to give them back on December 25th. I'm not a fan of this system since there is absolutely no magic or surprise on Christmas morning but I'm used to it now. I did make him a wish list this year and told him to pick from it. I'm trying to teach him slowly.

That ended when RBL had their Bring it Back special. Husband was happy. 

Being the stinker that I am, I took pictures of the products before I gave them to him. I may or may not have tried them out on my pinky too. 

I feel nervous having proof of my naughtiness out on the interwebs. ;)

Moving on, let's see the polish shall we?

Ok, so RBL comes in a box. I'm not sure what determines the box color. Each box comes wrapped in pink and brown tissue paper with RBL printed on it. I removed that in my psychotic fury and can no longer show it to you. *blush* It is very stylish and adds to the feeling that you are indeed, getting something very special.

 Here you can see that the name of the polish is labeled on the top of the box.

 Left to right: Grunge, Black Russian, and Aqua Lily 

 Grunge does not look peachy but the other colors look pretty accurate. 

 I'm in love with the pink shimmer in Aqua Lily. It is strong in person, I did not do it justice. 

Black Russian
It looks much darker on the nail with the shimmer fading a bit. Swatches coming after the holidays for obvious reasons. 

Let's talk about Grunge for a minute. I actually ordered Ghost but Grunge came in it's place. I didn't open the bottle or take close ups because I was planning on sending it back. RBL was very quick to correct the error and sent Ghost immediately along with postage so I could return Grunge. By the time Ghost arrived, I fell in love with Grunge and decided to keep it too. I of course payed for it and handed all four over to my husband for safe keeping. Kudos to RBL on their sneaky marketing. I'm just kidding, I know it was an honest mistake. I'm actually glad it happened because Grunge is a gorgeous color in person and I can't wait to wear it!

Do you own any RBLs? Which ones do you own and do you love them? I'm thinking this will be my go to wish list item for special occasions. I'd love to have more I just can't justify the price unless it's a special gift. Let me know what you think in the comments! 

By the way, RBL can be purchased, here

Also, do you enjoy posts about nail mail? This blog is for you so let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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