Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lush Lacquer Love

I LOVE Lush Lacquer. I have several of their polishes and they have all been amazing. If you don't own any of these amazing polishes, you are seriously missing out! You need to check them out, here is their link. I'll wait......

See what I mean?!?! 

I have three polishes from Lush Lacquer to show you today. I got two from their holiday collection and one from their regular collection. I seriously wanted every single holiday polish. Ok, I just want them all. It was SO hard to control myself. 

This is what I picked out!


Lush Lacquer Tree-mendous 
 This is my favorite of the three. A Christmas Tree in a bottle! Genius! The majority of the glitters are hexagon (ornaments) and then the yellow stars of course. It has a clear base and green holographic micro glitter that represents the tree. 

 I used two coats of Zoya Holly for my "undies" and two coats of Tree-mendous. I did have to fish a little for the stars but they came out very easily. 

 I placed the stars by dabbing them on with the brush but everything else was applied with regular brush strokes. 

Close up of the bottle. Sorry about the horrid picture. Eeep! 

I planned on wearing this on Christmas Day but forgot to pack it. I am still really really mad at myself. Really mad. Doh!

Lush Lacquer Peppermint Kisses
 I've decided that I need to avoid polishes that have a white base. Hello lobster hands! Despite the fact that it clashes with my skin tone, I still think it's beautiful. 

I used two coats of Zoya Purity as my "undies" and two coats of Lush Lacquer Peppermint Kisses. As most white polishes go, it was a little tricky to apply. You have to work quickly so it doesn't get gooey. I think it's worth the extra effort. 

Peppermint Kisses has a white base and pink, red, white, and green matte hex glitter. As you can see, the glitter comes in a variety of sizes.

Here is a close up of the bottle. 

This can also be worn on it's own with two or three coats. I preferred it with the white base color  underneath. 

Lush Lacquer Splitter Splatter
 Splitter Splatter comes from the regular Lush Lacquer line. I am really into the different black and white glitters that are out there right now. I love the addition of the blue in Splitter Splatter and couldn't resist adding this to my collection.

 I'm still out of town so I can't double check which grey polish I wore with this. It was a grey creme from Orly. When I get home (if I remember) I will edit in the name. 

Splitter Splatter has a clear base so it needs a base color. It has a variety of shapes and sizes of matte black, white, and blue glitter. Love it!

Here is a close up of the bottle. 

Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this. Lush Lacquer is available on their Etsy site and at Llarowe

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful and safe New Year's!


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  1. Love them all but the first one is my fave. :)


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