Monday, May 27, 2013

Zoya Summer PixieDust Collection

I am back with another collection from Zoya for Summer 2013. This time, I'm showing you the Summer PixieDusts. This collection consists of six textured polishes. Half have silver shimmer and the other half has gold shimmer. Zoya recommends not using a base coat or top coat. If you don't like the texture, you can always wear a couple coats of top coat to get a smooth glossy finish. I always wear base coat just to prevent staining. 

The formula was consistently amazing, not to thin or thick. I have found that textured polish needs extra time to dry but once it's dry it wears very well. These come off very easily. I know, they are rough and glittery and look difficult to remove. You don't need to use the foil method, just a little bit of pressure and they come off without a problem. 

I wanted to take my pictures of this collection outside. I took four outside and then the clouds and rain came. Miranda and Liberty were taken in my light box and I like how those pictures turned out the best. Go figure! 

Alright, let's get to why you're here! 

Zoya Solange (without topcoat)
 Solange is a yellowy gold polish with golden shimmer. I used three coats because I had a tiny bit of vnl (visible nail line) that I didn't want to show in the pictures. When I wear this I will only use two coats. 

 Zoya Solange (with topcoat)

 Zoya Beatrix (without topcoat)
Beatrix is a bright tangerine orange with golden shimmer. It's the perfect shade for summer and would be cute as a mani or pedi! Once again, I used three coats for the camera. Two coats is sufficient. 

 Zoya Beatrix (with topcoat)

 Zoya Destiny (without topcoat)
 Destiny is a bright orangey coral with golden shimmer that borders on being a neon. It's too bright for my skin tone but it's going on my toes this summer! It's very close to being a one coater but I used two coats.

Zoya Destiny (with topcoat)

 Zoya Miranda (without topcoat)
Miranda is my favorite from the collection. It's a deep rose polish with silver shimmer. I love it with or without top coat. I used two coats. 

 Zoya Miranda (with topcoat)

 Zoya Stevie (without topcoat)
Stevie is a lavender polish with silver shimmer. I used two coats. 

Zoya Stevie (with topcoat)

 Zoya Liberty (without topcoat)
Liberty is another favorite of mine. It's beautiful deep blue polish with silver shimmer. Be careful, it's a stainer! I used two coats of base coat to protect my nails. I didn't have any staining but I only had it on long enough to take pictures. Other bloggers have had issues with staining but may not have worn base coat. I say double up on the base coat and go for it, Liberty is too beautiful to pass up. 

Zoya Liberty (with topcoat)

I'm really enjoying this textured nail polish trend. Something I love about it is if you don't want the texture, put a top coat on it and it's still beautiful! Which polishes are your favorite from this collection?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Such a gorgeous collection :) I must say, you're rocking Solange up there :)

    1. I didn't think it looked good with my skin tone so thank you! =)


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