Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zoya Stunning Collection

I should change my blog name to The Swatching Snail because I am just now getting this collection up! I know you have seen these countless times but I hope you will  stay and see my swatches and read about my experience with them. 

Zoya is my absolute #1 favorite nail polish company. I love their range of colors, the quality, brushes, customer service, and their bottles are adorable. I was thrilled (and overwhelmed) when they released three summer collections around the same time (Summer PixieDusts, Stunning, and Irresistible). I'm completely obsessed with textured nail polish now but I did want to see something other than the PixieDusts and Zoya certainly delivered. Every single polish is beautiful. Most work for my skin tone, some don't but quality wise, they are all top notch. 

Today, I'm showing you Zoya Stunning which consists of six vibrant cremes. The formulas were inconsistent throughout the collection so I'll discuss each polishes' formula under it's picture. I used Duri Rejuvacote as my base coat and Seche Vite as my top coat. 

*Products were provided for review.

Zoya Yana
This is going to be on my toes a lot this summer. It's a cool toned darkened pink that's nearing neon status. It's very close to being a one coater but I applied a second just in case VNL (visible nail line) would show up in the pictures. It applied smoothly without any problems.

Zoya Micky
I love this shade! It's in the coral family that leans more on the pink side. I can't usually pull off corals but I think I can pull this one off. Like Yana, Micky is almost a one coater. It's formula is amazing, no problems there!

Everyone needs an orange creme in their collection and Thandie is just that. It's a lighter orange which is a good thing for my skin tone! Thandie's formula is on the thin side. Wipe off the excess polish from your brush before applying and you shouldn't have any problems. Despite being thinner, it applies smoothly, self levels perfectly, and dries quickly. I used three thin coats to cover up my VNL but shorter nails will only require two (I think).

Zoya Darcy
Darcy is sunshine on your fingertips. Like most yellows, it has a tricky formula. For best results, I applied my first coat with a thin layer which was very streaky. My next coat was a little thicker but still on the thin side. That covered up most of the streaks. To give it a completely opaque and smooth finish I applied one more thin coat. That did the trick! Yellow isn't my first pick because of how it clashes with my skin tone. 

Zoya Josie
This is my favorite of the collection. I'm a sucker for green polish and Josie is simply beautiful. It's a lovely grassy green that's perfect for this time of year. If you don't like green, it would be a great color to have for nail art. I needed two coats, no problems with the formula. 

Zoya Rocky
When I think of the name Rocky, I think of a bruised and sweaty Sylvester Stallone. Zoya Rocky is so dainty and soft, it just doesn't work for me! Name aside, it's a lovely sky blue creme. I only needed two coats for opacity. No problems with formula! 

Zoya Stunning is a beautiful collection that works for wearing alone and in nail art. If you are like me and have a lot of polish, you may not need all of these colors. If you have a smaller collection, they are great basic colors to have. With that said, I love this collection and don't have any dupes besides Darcy (yellow creme). I can see myself reaching for these again and again, they are gorgeous! 

Which shades are your favorite? 

Thanks for reading!

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*Products were provided for review. 


  1. Great swatches. Also I thought your comment on The Swatching Snail was hilarious, I feel like that most of the time :)

    1. Thanks! Don't be shocked if my page redirects you to that new name. JK

  2. I love these colors! So bright and fun! :)

    1. Thanks girl, you can borrow them whenever you want. =)

  3. Josie is gorgeous and definitely my favorite, too. Your swatch of Yana is really speaking to me, though....

    1. Yana is beautiful, too. It's very vibrant and wants to be on my toes this summer. =)


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