Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zoya Roxy and Chloe

Before I get started on this amazing combination, I have to say that this was not my idea. Someone posted this amazing duo on Zoya's Facebook page and I had to try it out. I wish I would have written down who posted it, if you know who it is please let me know so I can give proper credit. 

I wore this for almost a week which is a big deal for me. I change my polish every two days and sometimes once a day. Yep, my nails are pretty trashed right now. I did not want to take this off. If I didn't have so many swatches to do right now I'd be putting these beauties back on my nails. 

Roxy is a super glittery (purple glitter) red toned purple. It's gorgeous on it's own but put a coat of Chloe on top and it's stunning! Chloe is from the Fleck Effect collection (Spring 2012). Zoya describes it as a "sheer coral pink base with two types of duochrome Mylar flakes: red-orange to gold and gold-green to blue." Ready for the massive amount of pictures I have for you? Even with my crappy camera you can see how pretty this is. That's intense. 

 The picture below is with flash so you can see all the different flakies. 

Amazing right? Love it! No, my nails haven't grown out yet, this is from last month (I think). 

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