Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Zoya Bevin *Picture Heavy*

So many colors like Zoya's Bevin have come out in the Spring collections it seems. I didn't have anything like Bevin when it came out and now I see shades just like it everywhere! Bevin is a soft sage green creme that came out with Zoya's True Collection. I wasn't sure how it would look with my skin tone but I love it. I can see it looking great on almost anyone! I tried it by itself first and then experimented with some flakies. As you can see, I took these pictures before I broke my nails. =)  Oh how I miss my long pretty nails! 

 Zoya Bevin with Zoya Opal

Zoya Bevin and Zoya Maisie 

Zoya Bevin with Essie Pure Pearlfection (index finger), Shine of the Times (middle finger), and As Gold as it Gets (ring finger)

As most Zoyas are, Bevin was practically opaque with one coat but I used two for good measure. I love the application, I had no problems. I have found that Zoya makes my favorite cremes when it comes to application. This color is very unique in my collection and I absolutely love it!

What do you think? Which layering combo is your favorite or do you like it best on it's own?

Stay tuned for more from the True Collection!

Thanks for reading!

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