Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nail Mail

I love reading posts about other people's "Nail Mail." I think I like to live vicariously through other bloggers as if I've received the same beautiful goodies in my mail box. My last Nail Mail was so amazing I thought it time to share with you. The pictures are awful, the sun wasn't out and you all know how awesome my camera is. Don't worry, when it's time to swatch these beauties they will be done right. My sister from CocoBee Photography is going to take the pictures for me so that their true beauty can be shown. I'm so excited to have pictures done by a pro. Thanks Amber!  

I have been wanting to try A England for a long time and they are so gorgeous, the pictures I've seen do not do these beauties justice. I'm not knocking the pictures, there are so many talented photographers out in the nail blogging world. They are just that beautiful.

Left to right: Princess Sabra (I'm wearing it right now and it's amazing), Dragon, Saint George, Lady of the Lake, and Tristam. 

I purchased these from Llarowe who specializes in international polish brands. She also sells Lynnderella but it's still really hard to get those so I haven't tried....yet. =) They arrived quickly and were very well packaged so I was very happy with my experience. This was my first time ordering from Llarowe and I can't wait for my next splurge. It will be a while I'm afraid. 

Do you own any A Englands? Which ones do you have? 

Thanks for reading!

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